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Program Benefits

  • Increase the Return on Investment for your education by finding the right options to fit your behaviors, thinking style and interests
  • Reduce the number of years on college or university by avoiding unnecessary degree changes
  • Position yourself correctly and get into the schools of your choice faster with additional insight tools and resources
  • Tap into specific financial aid opportunities based on your schools of choice and career interests
  • Identify, research and and explore career paths and see forecast information for each opportunity
  • Gain confidence in your future and in your ability to do something that you will enjoy
  • Reduce debt related to pursuing a degree in a field that you may not work in
  • Increase your future job satisfaction by doing something that you are naturally inclined to succeed in
  • Find career options that you never considered or knew were potential options for your characteristics

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“The information I got was extremely helpful in setting my career goals and getting the guidance I needed.”

Brady G.

“The results of my personality, interests and suitable career paths was spot on!”

Yassi N.

“CPP was incredibly helpful in assisting me to understand my skills, as well as finding possible careers that I would excel in. The analysis was spot on […] I would recommend this service to everybody, whether you know exactly what you want to do in life or even if you have no idea.”

Brendan F.

HS Senior

“As a result of CPP, both of my teens were able to see what their capabilities and limitations were and get […] a much clearer direction and understanding about themselves and their strengths […] This process should be integrated in the public school systems at the high school level everywhere! Top notch people doing a wonderful things with this!”

Andre L.


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